Mention ComFree to most Canadian homeowners and they’ll probably say, “They help you sell your home without charging a commission, right?” While that’s definitely true (to date, the ComFree network has helped over 215,000 people sell and save thousands in commission) it’s no longer the whole story. These days, ComFree Commonsense Network is also in the business of helping you buy.

The goal? To help you buy a house you love.

Unlike our selling services, the Home Buying Service doesn’t deviate much from the standard model because, well, there’s not much to improve. With ComFree, you get paired up with a local REALTOR® who’ll send you listings, take you house hunting, and handle the whole transaction when you’re ready to buy. And yes, they show you any home on the market, even those listed by other brokerages. There’s no fee to use the service and no limit to how many homes you can see.

So, what’s the difference?

In true pioneering fashion, ComFee found a way to make buying real estate better for your bank account. It’s actually a very simple process: if ComFree Commonsense Network receives a commission from your purchase, we’ll keep a flat fee to cover our costs, and then split the rest with you. It’s what we call cash back, and it could end up being thousands of dollars in your pocket.

(Want to see how much you could receive in cash back? Check out this nifty calculator – just ensure that you select your province in the upper right-hand corner of the website).

You see, ComFree Commonsense Network has always been about making real estate more profitable for Canadians by eschewing common commission practices. So, when you buy with us, it’s a win-win…win: our agents get paid for their work, you get the house you love, and you could get cash back.

Word gets around.

To meet ever-growing demand, we’ve had to redouble our recruitment efforts, seeking bright, talented agents who understand and share our vision. Our Home Buying Service is gaining speed in Ontario, Manitoba and Alberta – and it shows no signs of stopping.

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