Indeed, you read that right! All things considered, it just takes Homie two weeks and two days to sell homes. Our official Days on the Market (DOM*) is 16 days level. That is quick. Truth be told, it’s 4 days quicker than ordinary operators! Things being what they are, then why would you pay 6%** in commissions ($18,000 on a $300,000 home) for a procedure that takes 4 days longer? Saving lots of dollars and offering quicker turnarounds are distinct advantages and an easy decision to be made!!!

This isn’t the main good announcement for now. Our normal home selling cost is $400,000! We are helping clients offer homes in each range of cash. Truth be told, we just had a $1,000,000 home offer sold with us in only one end of the week. We likewise spoke to the purchaser so our customer didn’t need to pay for the run of the mill 3%** purchaser specialist commission either. Do that math! They could have paid $60,000 in commissions through any other business. That merchant could spare enough cash to park a shiny new Mercedes C Class in the carport of their new home. That Benz is nearly as quick as posting your home with us.

So you can truly believe in our capacity to sell a regular $100,000 apartment suite to a $1,000,000+ huge estate and, obviously, the more costly the house, the more you spare in commissions! In the event that you don’t know where your home falls in terms of cost, don’t stress out, our Realtors utilize similar MLS information and evaluating systems to augment the estimation of your home in this hot market.

As of now, there’s a deficiency of reasonable lodging and homes that sell with us under the $400,000 sticker price. Consistently we help deal with the offers of homes that pull in the deal with various offers. Numerous homes get sold much quicker than weeks, some in only a couple of days.

Homie’s tech streamlines the whole procedure and Homie’s specialists and lawyers make it handy. Each customer has a devoted specialist so you have somebody to offer you help. Regardless of whether it’s evaluating your home, transactions or printed material, we do the hard work so you don’t need to worry. We have your back!

Sparing thousands in less time… Now that is a Game Changer!

*Based on data from the main 30 financier workplaces in all-out home postings in the Wasatch Front Regional Multiple Listing Service, Inc. for the period Jan first, 2018 through April second, 2018. Current home postings in Arizona are 24 DOM versus the normal 44 DOM in light of data from the Arizona Regional Multiple Listing Service for the period Jan first, 2018 through April second, 2018.

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